Snow Day

And then this happened in the second week of March after the week before we had been nearly at 70 degrees, walking around in early summer clothes...madness!

Toby loves the snow. He oves to romp in it and try and find squirrels but not when it is 20 below outside. Which it was - with wind chills! I had a thousand places to go and a hundred things to do all of which were curtailed by this annoying spring nor’easter.

So, I played with the camera that I am trying to master so I can take better pictures for this blog. 

I binge watched The Event on Hulu.

And I made a dent in the 3rd book of the trilogy by Philip Pullman, The Dark Materials.


This is my third time through this book and it has such a complex plot that I never get bored of it and learn something new every time I read it.  Lyra is the protagonist who is from a different time, in a different world and meets numerous heroes on her quest, including an armored bear, a balloonist from Texas, and little people who fly around on giant dragonflies.  The reason for picking up this weighty novel was I found out Philip Pullman is about to publish a new trilogy, which is the prequel and sequel of the life of Lyra and I wanted a refresher so I could more easily understand it. I cant wait!

I also made mince pies, an English holiday treat that happens to be a family favorite and I had the remains of homemade mincemeat (sweet not savory) in my fridge, begging to be used.

So, although I could not get outside and take a yoga class, do my errands, walk Toby and generally not feel trapped inside my house, I felt like I was productive in some small way.  But I sure will be glad when winters last grasp has loosened a little and we can march on with the normal turn of events of the seasons.

Until next time,