As a certified yoga instructor and nurse with over twenty-five years of experience,  I want to combine the magic of yoga and my knowledge of health care to bring you a well-rounded, holistic, informed and safe experience.

  • All classes will be taught in the comfort of your home or exercise space.

  • Individual or group classes for adults and children (ages 3+).

  • Mommy & Me style yoga.

  • Pre-teen yoga.

  • Adults or children suffering from trauma or anxiety.

  • Curves and Carrots Yoga is based in Southampton, Pennsylvania.


Individual or Group

You will learn alignment-based vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa means "arranging something in a special way."

  • This style will focus on the important placement of body and breath and linking the two.

  • It will also focus on a specific sequence of breath-synchronized movements used to transition between sustained postures.

Anjeli restorative yoga

Prancing Peacock, Langhorne | 11:30AM

New! 10-Week Series

Come and hit the re-set button with this beautiful yoga practice, which is a combination of a set series of restorative poses woven with beautiful music, meditations and stories based on Hindu mythology.

Child (3+)

Individual or Group

Fun, free-form movement based class in which children will be taught age-appropriate breathing and mindfulness techniques. These exercises will help to teach children:

  • How to self-regulate behaviors

  • Promote self-awareness

  • Develop self-esteem and confidence

  • Strengthen ability to focus and concentrate

  • Enhance fine and gross motor skills

  • Lessen anxiety

  • Create the foundation for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle



Each class is $75 per hour. 

Special Class Offer: Purchase a pack of 4 classes, get 1 free! 

Special Individual Offer: Refer Angie to a friend and receive $10 off your class! 

Any comments or questions about Angie's yoga services, please send her an email at