Happy New Year 2019


Welcome to the relaunch of Curves and Carrots.  I missed it, but got out of the habit of blogging, too busy to blog is too busy.  But I never stopped writing and feel like I have something to say every week, even if it’s just to me (please let me know if you are reading so I can soothe my bruised ego and dwindling self-confidence!). 

However, the reason for the relaunch is  due to a concerted effort to build, enjoy and share my yoga story.  To promote my teaching experience and hopefully get some more teaching gigs.

I do have some exciting opportunities coming soon.  Let me explain.  September 2018 saw the beginning of the next stage of my yoga education, an advanced 300 hour training program at the place I did my original training, the Prancing Peacock in Bucks County, PA ( the most magical place on earth).  During this training I experienced a module that put fire in my belly and reawakened my desire to teach in a way I have never experienced.

Shannon Paige came from Colorado to teach us in the art of Anjali Restorative Yoga.  This is a set series of postures, fully supported by props interwoven with beautiful music, meditations and stories, based on Hindu mythology and other magical sources.  The whole weekend took me to a place of deep spirituality, my body felt like it had gone through a massive reset button and my mind was clear and ready to learn.  I knew I wanted to perfect and teach this type of yoga. Shannon is a truly inspired teacher, a combination of experienced knowledge and inspired teaching took my breath away.  She is coming back to the Peacock in 2019, if you are local I strongly recommend you join us for a weekend of pure paradise.



I also am working on more classes at a The Newtown Athletic Club, starting Jan 16th at 7.15pm come along and enjoy a cosy winter evening with me, I guarentee you will not regret it . 

Also coming soon another restorative class at the Peacock, date and time TBA

Still taking care of those sick babies in Philadelphia, more stories on that to come, and my teaching gig with the BSN program at the University Of Texas ( who knew!) starts again Jan 14th, my plate is full but my cup over floweth with joy.

I have a lot going on and I am eager and excited to share it with you. My aim is to blog twice a week, advertise my teaching gigs here, on FB and Instagram.

What kind of things do you guys want to hear about, message me and we can chat, I always like a good chat.

Stories of my amazing kids, Toby the dog and other such anecdotes are promised here.

Happy Healthy Wealthy New Year.

I wish you all, all the best for 2019