Thanksgiving in May

Thanksgiving is hands down our family's favorite holiday. We start talking about it in August. I start planning the menu and testing recipes in September.  However, last year we were all together in Thailand for Thanksgiving.  Even though this was the trip of a lifetime for all six of us, we did rather miss the turkey dinner.  I promised a full-on Thanksgiving dinner when everyone got back from their world travels.  That turned out to be May.

I had a good size turkey in the freezer, prepped all the sides, Joe and Chelsea arrived from New England, Elliot and Jenny are back from Indonesia and off we went.

It started with our traditional thanksgiving breakfast of smoked salmon and bagels.

Then we had to play Catan, a game of trading and strategy that we all nuts and very competitive about.  Winning scores were - Chelsea: 2 and Jenny: 1. 

Then it was time for the feast. There was no Catan playing after that, everyone had a food coma. All 3 dogs were very happy to be together.  Toby is ours, Lulu is Jenny and Elliot’s and Coco is Joe and Chelsea’s.  They asked if they could dress up for the occasion.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye.  We may not be all together again for a while due to world travelers and work schedules, but I’ll take what I can get with these people - my most favorite people in the world!

Does your family celebrate any special traditions or have any favorite holidays? 

Until next time,