Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Things I Want to Do Before I Die

  • Become proficient at inversions and arm balances - currently beyond me, but getting there.
  • Travel to Singapore, New Zealand, and Peru - they just seem really cool places to visit.
  • Spend more time in some of my favorite places in Europe: Barcelona, Florence and Rome.
  • Grow a huge vegetable garden and have the time and energy to keep it growing and green so we have enough produce to be completely sustainable.
  • Write my memoir.
  • Completely spoil grandchildren - okay, I know I have not got any yet and none are on the horizon so no pressure kids!
  • Hike the Grand Canyon…by foot, not on a mule. I hear that it's really hard and painful. But hiking on foot would be a huge personal victory!
  • Visit Japan when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
  • Have my own cooking show.
  • Take a cruise to Alaska.
  • Go back to Thailand, it was really a magical place. The people and the energy really captured my heart.
  • Be fit enough to hike the John Muir Trail, preferably with my boys and their lovely girls and maybe some grandchildren (wow, did I say that out loud…. still no pressure kids!!). 
  • Walk from Camino Santiago to the ocean in Spain - I saw a movie about this once, The Way with Charlie Sheen. It looks like a magical, soul searching epiphany kind of experience.
  • Have dinner with the whole cast of Hamilton and let them serenade me.  That soundtrack has been playing in my car for 8 months now and I am still not sick of it!