Things That Made Me Happy This Summer

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Quilting.  I transformed our formal living room (for goodness sake who uses that anymore)  into my sewing room. It is the perfect space for a sewing desk and cutting table, an ironing board, a couch and many many completed quilts and a whole lot of whimsy.

Wet weather happy flowers.  It rained…a lot.  But I do not mind the rain, as long as I am watching it from the inside.  And yes, it was a bummer not to be able to get out too much (Insert sad face here from Toby).  But my flowers absolutely loved it, I have never seen them looking this great at this point in the season.

Longwood Gardens and its fountain display…with fire (how do they do that?). Last renovation of the fountains was in the 1930’s so you know this was going to be good.  All the amazing fountain displays are synched to a soundtrack. We went to the Beatles night (really good) and the Jazz night (even better).  I could do a whole post on Longwood Gardens. It's in the south of Philly with Italian Water Gardens, massive tree houses and just acres and acres of manicured flower beds.  Oh, and the beer garden, cannot forget the beer garden.

Walking Toby (when it was not raining). Seeing the pure joy on his face as he chases (and misses) squirrels and bunnies although he did catch a couple of ground hogs.  I never regret taking him on a walk.

Farmers Markets. Got to love that local organic produce.  My favorite this summer was the honey guy.  All the different flavors of his honey are yummy and I invested in some Royal Jelly Pollen which is a superfood and is tasteless so can go in tea, coffee, on your cereal, in your yogurt whatever you chose.  The anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties of bee pollen are off the charts.

Seeing Joe and Chelsea and hiking a beautiful mountain.  Climbing to the top of a mountain is physically and metaphorically thrilling.

Becoming a 2-dog family... even if it is for just 2 weeks.

Going to the movies.  We saw Dunkirk, this is very much a British film about 400,00 troops that got stuck on the beach in France and could not get home because they were pinned in on all sides by the enemy.  So, a flotilla of small fishing boats from UK harbors came and saved thousands of young soldiers.  Very moving and worth a viewing when it comes to On Demand.

Face timing with Elliot and Jenny and planning our visit to Seville to see them.

Teaching yoga – I have been hugely intimidated about teaching yoga.  Teaching kids can be a breeze (if it were not too crazy) and they do not care if you are doing it right or not because they have no idea.  But when I teach adults I want to give them a quality product that they paid for.  I have been subbing for the gym where I belong and getting over the nerves was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Rather, teaching is a joy and I am finding my yoga voice (it’s a thing!).  I look forward to teaching much more and developing as a yoga teacher.

Trying out some new workouts Pilates and Body Pump – which by the way hurt so you know it’s going to be difficult to walk the next day.  But you know what they say, no pain no gain.

And so, my summer was full and eventful. 

Until the next time,