My Favorites

Friday Favorites

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  • The beginnings of cooler autumn weather when the summer has been hanging on far too long
  • Breaking out boots and scarfs
  • A whole afternoon to snuggle up on the couch with a good book. This time it’s The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford, a thriller and a page turner
  • Netflix movies and series without any ads (can I hear a hallelujah).  Just finished binge watching The Five, a British cold case thriller, because British tv is always just better (sorry..not sorry)
  • Watching Toby on a walk chase through the leaves and pursue squirrels
  • Decluttering the house, we have one of those junk services coming next week to get rid of all our years of excess stuff and the purging feels soooo good.  Boys, if you have not picked up your childhood stuff by the 27th its goodbye to all that
  • Afternoon tea, hot steaming English tea with a side of flapjack, a childhood favorite of hubbys
  • American Football.  I am a bit of an addict and have been known to watch 3 games back to back on a Sunday, usually while I am in the process of making a huge Sunday roast dinner
  • Favorite blogs that I read almost daily. and
  • Lip gloss from Victoria Secret, I have one in nearly every jacket pocket, in the car and in every bathroom.  I can never be more than 2 minutes away from a tube of lip gloss
  • An inspiring yet challenging yoga class where Savasana at the end is well deserved and has an awesome meditation component
  • My new stovetop espresso maker after I gained that espresso habit in Seville, now I am hooked but what a great start to the morning
  • Gratitude journals, I started one about a month ago and not only does it lead you to find your gratitude but 3 things that you did well that day, even if it’s just making a cup of tea.  It is making a huge difference in enabling a positive outlook and not being so down on myself
  • Health snacks, pecans walnuts almonds and dried cranberries