Goddaughter Week

So, I have collected quite a few goddaughters in life.  A job I take very seriously in terms of keeping in touch with them and (attempting) to be a positive influence in their lives (sometimes easier than others with my wacky personality). 

It has become a wonderful event to have these girls come visit on their own for a week or two.  I have known these girls since they were babies and now to reacquaint myself with them as they are now young adults is a really special adventure for both of us.

Emily, Catherine and Sarah have already been on their trips and it was truly a magical and a distinctive event to spend that one on one time with them and get to know them as the amazing young adults they have developed into.

The most recent goddaughter week was Ruth.  Born a week apart from Elliot and the daughter of a very dear friend, we got to spend many, many hours together even though it was hard for Ruth and her family being in the UK and us being in the USA.  Somehow it was not too hard to stay in touch.

I loved watching Ruth develop from a small baby (gosh she was so shy) to a child to a preteen and now to a young adult (who is not at all shy!). Watching her grow up was just a joy.  To say she is rocking, it is an understatement.

I planned the whole week out with FUN in mind.  This is what we got up to: 

  • M Day – Manicures, Massage, Mall – one of many necessary shopping trips.  Retail therapy and all that.
  • Sculpture Garden tour – this turned out to be an epic fail as the heavens opened and it pelted with rain all day.  We licked our wounds, ran to the store to get popcorn and then settled in for a movie marathon.
  • Trip to DC - this was the highlight of the trip.  Ruth had never been and it’s been years since I was there so we wanted to pack it all in. Here are a few things we did.


This is us standing in front of the Whitehouse.  We had hoped to get to as close to the South lawn as we could to get some good pics but the whole area was cordoned off by the secret service (why do they not smile when you ask them a question – so rude). So this is as far as we got.  It turns out President Trump was going to his weekend retreat and so he took off in Marine 1 (his helicopter) which we saw so that was a small (very small) compensation.




The Newsuem, new one to me, opened in 2007. This is a strong recommendation if you are in the DC area.  It was amazing, we were there for 2 hours only because we had other things on our wish list but we could have stayed there considerably longer.  So much stuff in there about news history and how news is made and broadcast but our favorites were the legacy of JFK and the gallery of Pulitzer Prize winning photos from journalists, outstanding, emotional provoking and some that just highlighted the injustice of so many.  We may have shouted…. on the inside!!


The Library of Congress, must be one of my favorite places to visit.  Not only is the rotunda (the place where they keep all the book stuff) outstanding, but the architecture and the mosaics are spectacular.  Little known fact, we had lunch in the basement of the Capitol and we found a secret (well not so secret) tunnel to the Library of Congress that not many people find and we felt like we were in a Dan Brown book as we went on our adventure.

The Lincoln Memorial, we walked miles to get here but it was totally worth it.  The workmanship in the building is intricate and seeing Lincoln in that huge scale was truthfully inspiring.

We were weary but extremely saturated by American history (in a good way) when we got home.

The next day Hubby took over as I had lots and lots of papers to grade.  They went on an impressive 30-mile bike ride and they came back suitably exhausted and sun kissed, much fun was had by all.

The last day we went to a National Quilt Show, an event I have been looking forward to for months and it was so lovely that Ruth was here to share it with me.

All the way there I was shouting in my head “restraint Angie, show restraint”

As soon as I got there that went out the window!  So many beautiful fabrics and so many gadgets for quilting that I do not know how I lived without.


I did come away with some gorgeous fabrics that I am very excited to turning into something beautiful and several knickknacks that I have no idea how I have lived without.

And then it was the last day (insert sad emoji face here).  We had a good sleep in, to help with Ruth’s overnight flight, and of course did one more trip to the mall for the last-minute needs/necessities/ok I just want it cause it's shiny.

I hope this trip was memorable for Ruth because for me it was a joy and a delight every single day.  Because of the 3000 miles between us not sure when we will meet face to face again but this is one girl (like all the other goddaughters) where FB messaging will be on overdrive.

Thank you, Ruth, so much for coming! 

Visiting Seville (Part I)

Curves & Carrots Part II Headers (23).png

Jenny and Elliot are currently living in Seville and because we live vicariously through our children we planned a trip for late September thinking that the temps would be perfect (we were wrong - still insanely hot), and the city would be bright and beautiful (we were right on that one). With over 300 days of sunshine we knew it would be a trip of a lifetime and we were not disappointed.

Seville is in the Andalusia part of Spain and is famous for its food, hospitality and flamenco dancing (more of that in Part 2).


So many old old buildings. I mean 5th Century onwards with a prominent gothic style which we love.  Seville also has a large bull fighting arena (which we did not go to) and a great deal of Moorish buildings, which when the Moors abandoned their mosques, the Christians took them over and made them very Catholic and they were very, very beautiful inside and out.

Yes, the place was stunning but the biggest joy was spending time with these two.

Found a random cow that needed a kiss right after we found a Starbucks where I could get a decent cup of Earl Grey tea (deep joy).

Fish markets were everywhere. These were kinda creepy langoustines and all the crab, scallops and shrimp looked amazing but…. sigh…. due to my severe shellfish allergy, I could not touch any of them.  And yes, I go everywhere with my EpiPen and my stash of Benadryl.


We went to Cadiz which is thought to be the oldest town in Europe.  It has over 150 watch towers and we climbed the tallest one to get this view.  I guess they wanted to see their enemies coming in every direction. 


The day we were there, there was weird choir festival going on in front of the cathedral.  I would not say they were good but they were very colorful.

When we visit our kids it’s such a special time to get to know them better as young adults and these two are as much joined at the hip as they were when Elliot was younger. It is such a special thing to see a child and parent not only respect but like each other.

We made it to the beach and explored some of the outstanding architecture in Seville.  More to come in Part II. 

Until next time,