Book review

Am I Enough?

A friend recommended this book Proof of Heaven as a good read.  As a voracious reader, I am always looking for the next good book to sink my teeth into. 

This book is about a neurosurgeon who has a family legacy of neurosurgeons and whose intellect has been steeped in science all his life.  However, this neurosurgeon acquires a rare form of meningitis that immediately makes him so sick that no one thinks he will survive. While in a coma, he has a near death experience. He is able to recall his experience in vivid detail when he wakes from his coma seven days later, fully verbal - a fact which is unprecedented given how critical he was.

The overriding message he received while in his coma was:

You are loved

You have nothing to fear

There is nothing you can do wrong

Like many people, I have doubts that I am enough in this world.  Am I enough, skinny enough, smart enough?  I have huge self-doubt about this yoga thing, which I am passionate about.  I came to it in my 50’s - is that too late and when I teach, will people take me as a credible instructor or just a has been yoga wannabe?

But I have learned to silence those internal critics, who cares if I am over 50 doing yoga with a not so perfect ripped yoga body.  And what if, just what if I said to myself, we all said to ourselves every day: You have nothing to fear and you can do no wrong.

It made me ponder, if I could not fail what would I do? 

I would march on with my yoga business without a second thought (in defense of the yoga community they are a compassionate and nonjudgmental bunch and I have never come up against any unkindness, ever); I would wear a bikini with pride on the beach; I would become a public speaker about my struggle with mental illness; I would invest in girls with time and money to help them overcome their own struggle with mental illness and the negative influence maybe family and friends had on them. 

And the list goes on. But what is stopping me from all of these things?  Well, self-confidence and that internal critic to begin with, but it should not, it should not stop any of us from those secret dreams that we are afraid to say out loud with the risk that people will laugh at us or worse, we try those crazy ideas and they don’t quite work out.

My message today is we are enough just where we are right now, and maybe just maybe if we say:

We are loved

We have nothing to fear

And we can do no wrong...

We will be inspired to build that self-confidence, kick self-doubt, with voracity out of the window and focus on what we can do rather than what we can’t.