Relaunch of Curves and Carrots

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This is a lifestyle blog I started a couple of years ago.  There was a scurry of many blogs and then busy life got in the way and it got left by the wayside.  But I always knew I wanted to get back to it,

Back in 2017 I graduated from a 200 hour yoga teacher training program.  It took me a while and a heck of a lot of self confidence to get into the teaching gig.  Its one thing to learn the training its another thing to present a well planned product to a population who have paid to come and take a class.  I admit to be hugely overwhelmed and intimidated by this.  The first class I taught I seriously thought I was going to have a panic attack.  In very unyogi fashion I had a series of papers at the front of my mat to remind me of the sequences and a hope that the flow would get going and the audience would be dazzled by my well practices teaching style ( insert very nervous laugh here).

But I survived my first class and my second and my third and like most things the more  you do it the easier it becomes.  I began to realize what my preference was.  I am not and  never will be one of  those super power yogis, going upside down and balancing on two- or one hands is never going to be in my practice.  But developing my style as a gentle, beginner and restorative yoga teacher has quickly become my jam.  Thankfully there is much demand for this style of yoga and so I have been able to expose myself to many many classes and you know what.... I started to really enjoy it.  To lead a yoga student through a gentle sequence that is equally accessible to them has become a joy.  As my confidence has grown so has my variety and mental recall ( no papers needed) of the sequences and their transitions

So, when earlier this year the yoga studio where I did my initial teacher training offered the advanced 300 hours training, I knew  it was something I wanted to jump on.  More on the content and different modules later but to say it has been a magical experience is an understatement.  I am going deeper and appreciating much more, yoga philosophy, advanced poses, how to teach at a higher level and so much more.

The irony about the pic about is this is our crazy cat Sage.  He looks totally relaxed and Zen laying on a pile of fresh towels (grrrrrr) below the Relax sign overlooked by a Buddha, because he is the most neurotic cat we have ever had, is neither Zen or relaxed and will bolt if you even look in his direction.  But it was a too precious shot no to share