Anjali Restorative Yoga

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I recently went to a workshop by Shannon Paige who devised a yoga practice called Anjali Restorative yoga.  Restorative yoga has quickly become a part of my regular practice, the only prerequisites or this practice is to lie down and breath!!  Its amazing when you leave all your stuff, text message, to-do lists, emails, relationships outside of the yoga studio how this style of yoga can really hit the reset button in your life, and you leave your mat feeling renewed and ready to face the world with new quality.  Also restorative yoga is fast becoming a welcome demand from many students due to our busy stressful lives and for 75 mins you can come and get respite.

I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate this style of yoga into my regular teaching practice.  But what is this?  Shannon designed this over 10 years ago.  It is a set series of 8 poses interspersed with beautiful music, meditations, stories of Hindu mythology and lots of lying down and breathing, integrating your inhale with your exhale and emptying your mind (tricky I know ) to be really present.

The response so far has been very encouraging, I even have return visitors…. I have groupies….who knew?

The combination for these set series of poses ( which are always lying down – who would not like that) is an answer to refuge in our very busy life’s.  It’s magical, its woven together by stardust and is getting a great response.  I am now teaching this class every week at a local gym and I get as much out of it as the student does.  I am so grateful to Shannon for not only creating this practice but being generous enough to share it with others so we can bless the world with restore and renew.

Shannon is a very well know yogi with articles in Yoga Journal and even a TED talk.  Check her out I know you will be inspired just like I was