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One of the great things about yoga as a beginner is you don’t need much stuff.  No expensive sneakers, no weather resistant fancy clothes, no million-dollar yoga mat.  If you are a beginner most studios have a supply of yoga mats so you can try it out before you commit.  Personally, I am a fan of bare feet, I like that feeling of the air between my toes and it gives a better grip especially for balance poses.


Other essentials I enjoy now that I have been doing yoga for a while is a cute yoga bag (has to be cute…right?).  Mine has room for my mat and several pockets for all my stuff. 

Here is a list of my stuff:

  • Head band – hair in my face when I am doing yoga is soooo annoying and can detract from that blissed out feeling I am aspiring for at every class.
  • Eye pillow – I bought one of these on a whim wondering if I would like it and it quickly became my go to favorite, especially for Savasana.
  • Essential oils especially lemongrass. I sometimes put it on my mat or my eye pillow or a small smidge on my wrists.  It smells great, wakes me up for those early morning classes and enhances the yoga class.
  • High waisted yoga pants.  These are very helpful with all those up and downs and saves you from that muffin top peeking out (what a vision!).
  • Yoga top that is fitted and has a little bit of compression so it also does not rise up, again with all those ups and downs during class.
  • Mat of preference is Manduka.

Speaking of the Manduka mat, I have tried a few and this is the best by a long way.  It is a sticky mat which means your feet do not slide, which is very helpful in downward facing dog, warrior 1 and 2 and so many more.  When I began yoga, I invested in a couple of cheaper mats…big mistake.  They just did not do the job and wore out very quickly.  The Manduka mat is an investment but a very worthy one.  I have had mine a year and it still shows no sign of wearing out.

To find out more about yoga mats I have found this website to be more than helpful:


This website is awesome because they have surveyed over 100 yoginis so you know their information is valid.  Easy to navigate with tons of information - I recommend a visit.

Hope this blog was helpful and will make your next yoga class even more fun!

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