My Week in Photos

Curves & Carrots Part II Headers (7).png

Sometimes I get writers block and so I am resorting to that adage that a picture tells a thousand words.

So here is my life in pictures the last couple of weeks.


Spring finally happened, I started to plant, a favorite of mine. I love designing my deck with a theme of colors, feeding and nurturing my plants throughout the growing season to keep it looking wonderful.




Gosh how I love this dog, he is definitely a pampered pooch!  Can you see the look on his face?  “When is this crazy woman going to stop kissing me?”




And with Spring comes the birds. I have a fair number of trees, an abundance of bird houses and bird feeders in my yard. I swear I have a couple of bulimic birds because this time of year they eat their weight in bird seed.



We are blessed with a beautiful yard (that takes a lot of work to keep it looking even half decent) but we love to linger there for breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe the odd afternoon nap in the sunshine.





This is the baby we have been long-term babysitting while our boy Elliot and his girlfriend Jenny are traveling around Indonesia (they're now back! Yay!).  She got a flower blossom on her bottom lip, I think it looks like she is smoking a cigarette.  Little dog, big attitude.




Have a great weekend!