Children...they drive me crazy.

Wait a second - how can the lady that teaches yoga to preschoolers say such a thing? It's sacrilege. I know, not a very yogini thing to say, but why oh why did I think that teaching yoga to preschoolers was going to be all unicorns and rainbows? Well it wasn’t this week!

This week I taught 2 classes back to back in a preschool that shall not be named.  To say they were wild was an understatement.  They refused to sit on their mats, even though I did the trick of "we are floating on a swamp and there are alligators and crocodiles in the waters".  Most of the time they had their back to me, or were running around the room like Tasmanian devils.  One sweet little 3-year-old found my bag and threw my shoes at me! They may look cute and sweet but there are monsters hiding in there.

I felt like I was having my own "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad" day. But we had a couple of days of really rainy weather and I am sure none of them had any outside playtime, so no doubt they had cabin fever. And sometimes (actually often) the staff take the opportunity to chat amongst themselves at the back of the room and do a cell phone check. Sometimes they see it as 30 minutes of grace from these treasures. This week I did not blame them, but for the love of Pete, couldn’t they see I needed some help?

And I lost my cool, on the inside, do not worry no children were hurt physically or emotionally in the making of this blog.  But I realized afterwards that my inner boil did not help, in fact it just added to the agitation. However, I am finding more and more as I teach yoga to these small people that I am learning more from the things that do not go well than the things that do. So I will not beat myself up, I will compose myself, review some lesson plans and go boldly forward. (Teachers, out there, can you relate?)

Then the next day my faith was restored.  I was asked to give a private lesson to a fun Aunt and her two nieces aged 3 and 6.  They were a delight as soon as they walked in the door.  Eager to learn, have fun and even better, they hung on every word I said! The universe is in balance again and I can encourage myself to keep going, just keep going.

I love kids and I love hanging out with them (most of the time).  And so some days it's unicorns and rainbows and other days it's alligators and crocodiles.