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Yesterday morning at my regular yoga class I had one of those days where I just could not stay upright, my balance was way off for some reason and even when I was on two feet it seemed I just could not stop falling over. 

This got me thinking...

Balance in my life, how do I achieve it and what do I do when I fail, which is a lot of the time.

For me, balance is getting to a yoga class as often as I can, walking Toby around our beautiful reservoir (it does not belong to us but I like to think it does!).  Then doing all the jobs I must do.  If I can get that yoga class in early, then the rest of the day goes much better. If I do not do that, well there’s always wine at the end of the day!

Also, as an introvert I know that if I am crazy busy and around people all the time I tend to feel very exhausted, a little anxious and out of control.  I regain my balance and sense of self with solitude.  Never been tired of my own company, and if life is just too much, I know I must retreat, usually to a special chair in my family room with a good book or Netflix. 

Hubby is an extrovert so he gets energized by being with other people.  Yes, this sometimes causes a bit of a clash but I have come to appreciate that he needs to chat (ALL the time) and rush around a bit more than I do, to get his grounding.

Here are some tips for achieving balance in your own life:

  • Balance is found by going within, try mediation, really try it. It works and calms down the crazy in your head.
  • Spend time with people that make you feel good. It will nurture your soul and build your confidence. 
  • Kick those toxic people out of your life without guilt. You are making a pro-health decision for yourself.  I call those people energy vampires, which is a good term for how they suck the life out of you.
  • Set time for yourself on your schedule so you make it a priority, whether that is meeting a friend for lunch or sitting on your deck in the sunshine, do what makes you happy.  If someone needs me in my “Bliss Out” time I just tell them I have a commitment.  The commitment is me and I am worth it. 
  • Every month or 3 months reflect on your life, how are you doing?  What could you do more of or less of to make your life more balanced.  Then….and this is the important bit…. Make those changes.  Again, you are worth it and it is not only a gift to yourself but a gift to your family as you are probably a happier more productive person when you have some balance.

So, there you have it, my 5 quick and dirty steps to finding more balance in your life.  Do I do all these things? Heck no.  But I try and do some of them and do not beat myself up when I fail. There is deep wisdom in the getting back up part. Listen to your mind, listen to your body and maybe, just maybe, you will put yourself and your needs first for a while and gain some balance.

Have...Be a great day! 

Xo Angie