What Will Kids Say Next?

Now that I am a seasoned yoga teacher to kids (insert confused and crazy look here), I am beginning to get a glimpse into their lives and how they think.  They are simplistic, deep, kind and giving balls of energy, but pure in the purest way.  Their honesty and lack of inhibition are refreshing and some of the things they say have me in stitches. 

Here are a few of their gems:

  • When I arrive at a preschool they often do not remember my name, but there are many shouts of “Hello Miss Yoga.”
  • Remembering Namaste in yoga can be tricky.  Often when I get to the end and I ask the kids how do we say goodbye in Yoga, they say, with a question in their voice “Goodbye Yoga?”
  • One exercise I do that they love (and request repeatedly) is growing like a flower.  We start in child’s post then grow our hands up through the midline until we are blooming like glorious spring flowers.  I always ask what kind of flower they are, with return chants of “I’m a purple, red, pink, rainbow flower.”  One little boy always says “I’m a Pokémon Flower!”  This is also the same 4-year-old boy who says poop and fart whenever he can!
  • Last week I had a band aid on my finger due to a kitchen accident (sharp knives and Angie...not a good idea!). All the way through the class, even though I was being my most yogic I had to field questions why I needed a band aid, what happened, did it hurt, was there blood…. yep…. totally lost the plot!
  • On teaching a class using the book Polar Bear Polar Bear What Did You Hear? by Eric Carle a very precocious 4-year-old said “Oh Eric Carle, I love his stuff!” I mean really…these kids are so much smarter than me.
  • Same 4-year-old on doing the Cobra Pose, said in a perfect Hannibal Lecter voice “Yum I am looking forward to a lovely mouse for lunch!”

And so, I continue to enjoy and sometimes crack up at teaching yoga and meditation for life. What a wonderful job, it may be the best one I ever had!

Have/Be a great day.