And Then Sometimes I Have a Life...

We live in a very pretty part of Pennsylvania - Bucks County just NE of Philadelphia.  It’s very quiet, very suburban, very safe.  I live in a bubble, I freely admit it and like it.  I am a creature of habit and in my bubble I do the same thing repeatedly, go to yoga, go to the drug store, go to the grocery store, come home, grade, read, watch TV, do all the house stuff, repeat.

So, it’s shocking and a little liberating when we get a chance to do something different, as my hubby and I are such homebodies. And it seems like we have done a lot of hibernating in front of the fire this winter.

Vanessa Carlton, a singer song writer I love was coming to Philadelphia and playing in a very intimate venue with only 300 people max.  We got the last tickets!  So, we bundled ourselves up on a frigid night in PA and headed into the city.  How lovely to have dinner, a glass of wine and then watch and hear the caliber of this artist who has been a favorite of mine for so long.  Probably her biggest hit and one that will forever be on my top ten of favorite songs is 1,000 Miles.  This song has always resonated with me as it illustrates how I feel about those boys in my life. I would not only walk 1,000 miles if they needed me, I would do it while crawling over broken glass. Now Joe (age 27) and Elliot (age 24) have these lovely, lovely girls in their lives.  Chelsea and Jenny.  How blessed we are to have them in our family, they keep the boys in line, they keep them on their toes, they love them well and look beautiful all the while they are doing it. And I would crawl over broken glass for them too.

It’s not often I think so clearly and with deep feeling about my boys and their girls but live music that is very meaningful stirs up those emotions don’t they?

Here are my goof balls.  This was taken when we were all in Thailand together last November.  We were hanging out in a cat café (like you do!) and the kids were having a blast, making impressions of all the cats and just cracking each other up!  So look, there was another time when I had a life.  Thanks to these people in my family they get me going all over the place and I am grateful. Okay, so I do have a life more than I think I do!

However, talking about Thailand - of course while I was there I had to do lots of yoga, especially in front of the many beautiful temples we visited. 

And while we are talking about not often having a life, I admit it, I admit it, I do have quite a great life.

A few weeks ago, we decided to spend the weekend with Joe and Chelsea who live in Upper Siberia! Otherwise known as the Northern Country of New Hampshire. There was a purpose in our madness, a chocolate festival was going on the weekend we were there.  Basically, you cross country ski for several miles and every 2 miles or so there is a station where you eat chocolate in all forms, sundaes, chocolate covered bacon, brownies…. you get the idea.  We were joined by Chelsea’s parents and some friends of J&C, we bundled up and off we went.  Too much fun, too much fun for a weekend, and it was not hard spending time with Joe and Chelsea either.

So at the end of this post maybe I have figured out that I have a pretty great life and a lot of it is not spent in my bubble, but I still like hibernating in front of the fire whenever I can!