A Day in the Life of Angie

So yesterday I taught yoga to children. Four classes back to back…..phew.  Exhilarating and exhausting.  We mooed and woofed and meowed, tweeted and hissed in cobra pose.  We were ninja warriors in Warrior 1, 2 and 3 and held hands in Tree Pose to be a forest.  Then I have a version of "Old McDonald Had a Farm," which is "Old McDonald Had a Body," so 4 times (4 classes) we went through stretching arms, waving hands, kicking legs and feet, patting heads and twisting bodies. The kids love the actions and even the youngest ones (2’s and 3’s) really get into it.  But after singing at the top of my voice to encourage participation I must admit I need a strong cup of soothing tea (or a cocktail). 

Then I'm back home, ready to focus on my other job.  As a nurse, I got a little burned out with hands on care and to be honest working with other nurses is not always a harmonious experience! So, a few years ago, I got the opportunity to teach online in a BSN program. I love teaching the next generation of nurses and find I can make a beneficial connection with these sweet people even if it is an electronic one.  So, daily I must check in with the online classroom - to grade, facilitate the discussion board, and answer (a million) emails. It is time consuming, but very rewarding. It has turned into a dream job. Being at home, master of my own schedule, doing my online work in my sweats with Toby at my feet.  My idea of a good time.

As the clock on the mantle tick-tocked toward the afternoon and my grading came to a halt, I realized that I really wanted to go to a yoga class for my own practice by not too sure if I wanted to go out in the dark and cold temperatures at 7.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes when the days are really busy and it gets dark early, all I want to do is take off my bra and put on my PJs. 

But wait, I checked the schedule for my awesome home studio (The Prancing Peacock in Yardley, PA), and they had a new class on their schedule at 4PM - perfect!  I know that it’s really important to keep up my own practice now that I am teaching and after an exhausting and energetic morning I was ready to move just for me and enjoy the peace that being on my mat gives me.

Yummy class, I usually set intentions when I first get on my mat and this time it was the words "Strength, Peace and Equanimity."  I meditate on these words throughout the session and it grounds and gives me focus so I can get that blissed out feeling that I love.

So, ends a lovely, lovely day full of purpose and meaning.  What could be finer?

Have…Be…A great day!