And so, it happened, I graduated as a yoga teacher in February.  The whole experience was not like any academic or vocational course I had ever taken.  It was pure magic.  I not only learned how to touch my toes and perform (and teach) Warrior 1, 2 and 3, but I learned so much about myself.  I learned I am strong. I learned it does not matter if I have the perfect yoga body or even that much finesse with the poses, I am teachable. I have a great deal to learn but on the way, I can teach others how to love yoga and more importantly how to love themselves.

I remember when I finished nursing school I felt like such a fake because I knew nothing, but the skills came with practice and exposure to patients, families and all their lovely issues.  Graduating as a yoga teacher feels very much like this.  Despite the hours of study and actually doing yoga am I really capable of teaching an adult class or producing a product that is worthy of people paying for a class?

One of our teachers during the course put it in a wonderful way: 

She said, “When you graduate as a teacher you have not reached the top of the mountain, you are at the bottom staring up.”

How true, but I am very keen to start my ascent, to find my yoga voice.  I have classes put together for several levels.  I am starting to market myself to local yoga studios, to possibly be considered for their sub lists.  I am waiting for the call, with fear and excitement and a knowledge that the key to becoming a great teacher is to remain humble, to know there is always more to learn, to not forget I need to pay attention to my own practice….and quite frankly to teach, just to teach.

I am ready…..give me a call!

  • If you are a seasoned yoga teacher, what advice would you give a newbie?
  • When you first start yoga teaching what scared you the most?
  • Any funny stories to share from teaching classes?

Send me an email at angiemiller@curvesandcarrots.com. I would love to hear from you!