And So It Begins...

The time was June 2016 and I was recovering from an acute event of clinical depression. My therapist advised me to go to yoga. And so I started going to yoga once or twice a week and feeling better. Then that increased to three to four times a week.

To begin with, I was very self-conscious about how I looked on my mat. My skills and prowess of beginning and sometimes not completing the poses were fairly limited and certainly not pretty.  But then I heard my instructor say, "your mat is your sovereign nation.  No one is looking at you, they are all too busy trying not to fall over themselves and if they are looking at you who cares? Everyone has to start somewhere....right?"

This was truly liberating for me, it gave me the freedom to progress forwards, backwards and sideways in my practice. If I fell over in a balance, I just got back on that horse. There is learning in the failing, boy what a metaphor for life.  If we were all less concerned in the humiliation of failing and rather in what it taught us, I think our self-worth would blossom. 

So as a complete beginner who was starting to become a yoga freak, here are some of the things I learned:

  • Showing up is more than half the battle won.
  • Being pretty in practice is not important, being present is!
  • It's not how many times you fall over, but how many times you get up.

Have a great day warriors!

xo Angie